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Uniform Program tips

We have created hundreds of unique SuiteStyles sites to help customers facilitate their uniform programs. With such experience, we have learned how to overcome many of the obstacles your facility will encounter in order to establish a successful program. Here are some of the tips and tricks we have picked up along the way to make the roll out easier for you and your employees. If you have additional tips to share, please email us at

  • Over Communicate the Benefits – Make sure that everyone in the facility understands why you are making the change and why it is better for your patients and your facility.
  • Offer Choices – Offer at least 3 top styles and 3 pant styles. People are happier about the change when they feel like they have choices and they can find something that fits well and feels comfortable.
  • Buy the First Sets – Many facilities buy the first 3-5 sets of scrubs for full time employees to ease the transition. These facilities either buy the scrubs or give the employees an allowance to cover the expense of the new scrubs.
  • Get the Staff Involved – Get a team together that represents all of the different functional areas of the hospital to help make decisions about the program. Keeping people involved helps to increase employee acceptance.
  • Survey the Patients – Before the uniform change, survey your patients to ask how easy it is to identify who is in their room. Do this again after the kick-off of your Color by Discipline program, then compare these results and post for your employees to see. It will help create unity in increasing patient satisfaction, which is always a priority!