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About Medline

Medline was founded in 1966, but its roots date back 100 years when A.L. Mills started Northwestern Garment Factory. Since then, the company has grown into America's largest privately held national manufacturer and distributor of health care supplies and services. Medline is the largest privately held medical supplier in the United States. We manufacture and distribute over 125,000 medical and surgical products to healthcare institutions and retail markets.

  • Sales growth: A forty-plus-year unbroken trend of annual growth has led to 2010 sales of over $4 billion.
  • Innovation: With a culture of continuous improvement and differentiation, we own and license hundreds of proprietary products, patents and trademarks.
  • Customer focus: We make the products our customers want, with the quality they demand and the value they need. It's why Medline products are found in almost every hospital in the U.S., and for over half of those hospitals we're a top-ten supplier.