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Fitting Events


Important Information:

At this time, we are unable to hold FITTING EVENTS due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and social distancing recommendations. For customers who still request fitting events we suggest the following options:

1. Facilities can request garment samples and make these available to their employees by:

  • Purchasing sizing kits that contains 1 of each sizes per garment, and keep them on hand for their internal use.
  • Or borrow the garment sizing kits for 30 days to use for fitting employees on their own. These kits must be returned after 30 days.

2. If hospital requests a fitting event, reps can decide to host a small size event. For these events, Medline’s corporate customer visit recommendations and local state guidelines for gatherings must be strictly followed. The Medline requirements for customer visits are:

  • The event must be requested by customer.
  • The sales rep/employee must feel comfortable attending/hosting the event.
  • Manager approval as business necessity is obtained.
  • If approved, employee must request and wear PPE (mask, gloves, etc) and follow Medline and customer guidelines for PPE and visitor process.
  • Air travel is not allowed.
Please note we are unable to provide divisional support or use hired TEMPS.


We can cater fitting events of any size—XSmall (100 or less), small (100-300), medium (300-700) and large (700+)—or send sizing kits containing every single size of each requested garment and style directly to your facility. Administrators can either return the borrowed kits after 30 days or purchase the kit to keep on hand. 

Let's Get Started

  1. Pick the date(s) - Decide on the date(s) of your Fitting Event, we recommend you fill out the Fitting Event Materials Request Form at least 4 weeks prior your event.
  2. Narrow down the style of scrubs, lab coats & uniforms - Consult with your customer & decide which style of garments you would like to have at your Fitting Event.
  3. Fill out the Fitting Event Materials Request Form - We have both online & PDF versions of the form available, any of these two will work, pick whichever one that works best for you. Just make sure you have all the correct information before submitting the form. You can find the forms in the Forms & Marketing Material's page.

If you have any other questions related to Fitting Events, requesting Sizing Kits, filling out Fitting Event Materials Request from, please contact Zola at