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What is Soil Release Finish?


Soil release finishes can be found on many industrial or service garments. A soil release finish can help prevent different liquids and powders from soaking into the fabric. This makes cleaning the garment a lot easier if the stain stays on top of the garment. It does this by increasing the tension of the surface of the garment. This causes the liquid/powder that falls on the garment to to bead up and reduce the speed to which the garment absorbs the stain.

This is a fantastic technology for scrubs. If you are in a field of health care where stains are a every day occurrence, having soil release finishes can help you save more scrubs because you are able to fully remove a stain. Scrubs 123 offers a variety of Medline scrubs that come with a soil release finish. A popular scrub set would be our AngelStat Reversible V-neck top paired with our AngelStat Cargo Pants with Drawstring waist. Both are these have a soil release finish to help prevent stains. Not only are they functional, but both fit comfortably and come in a variety of colors!