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Sales Locker for Medline Reps


Whether you're a brand new rep or a seasoned veteran here at Medline, this page will have everything you need to know in order to successfully launch a SuiteStyles program for your client. 

What is SuiteStyles?

A customized shopping site for healthcare facilities that allows them purchase scrubs, labcoats and other professional apparel. We can assign the styles and colors of garments tailored to each healthcare facility and its departments. Whether it's a small, medium or large facility, we have all the tools and infrastructure in place to support you.

Site-Build Process in Steps

Step 1

Work with your customer to agree on styles and colors of garments that should be offered to the facility and to each of it's departments. We have wide variety of scrubs (tops, pants & jackets), uniforms and lab coats. Be sure to agree on pricing for each item as well.

  • If you need to view the latest Professional Apparel Catalog, you can download it from the Forms & Marketing Material's page
  • For best practice, choose 1 product line

Step 2

If applicable, set up the Logo & Embroidery information, then identify where the Logo should be applied on the garment.

  • Logos can now be setup on either by the customer, or by the Medline reps
  • Customer must have a Medline account to set-up the logo. You can find the logo setup instruction from the Forms & Marketing Material's page
  • Be sure to add the Logo ID number in the SuiteStyles' site setup form

Step 3 

Pick and choose the appropriate type of site for your customer. There are the three types of sites that we can build, piece allowance, credit card and purchase order sites. Please note that the piece allowance site turns into a credit card site once the user fulfills their allowance, which allows them to come back and make purchases using their own credit cards.

Piece Allowance Site

Credit Card Site

Purchase Order Site

4 Weeks to Build

2 Weeks to Build

4 Weeks to Build

  • Facility assigns a specific amount of pieces to each employee. For example, full time employee can get 3 tops and 3 pants, part time employee can get 1 top and 1 pant
  • Will have a unique username and login instructions for all users.
  • Once the employee fulfills their allowance, they can log back in and use their credit card for future orders.
  • Access to all of the products (preselected by the facility) upon signing in.
  • One generic username and password for all users.
  • Facility is billed for each order placed online. Access is usually limited to users who are placing orders for their departments.
  • PO sites do support Order Approval












Step 4

Pick the appropriate billing type so your Customer can be invoiced accordingly and on a timely manner.

Piece Allowance

Credit Card

Purchase Order

1. Standard Invoicing

  • Generates an invoice for each employee who places an order at the time of shipment, and sent to the account
  • Provides detailed information, including employee name, date ordered, items ordered and dollars spent

2 Monthly manifest Invoicing

  • A summary invoice is generated at the end of each month, reflecting what was purchased
  • Orders are paid by individual employees using personal debit or credit cards.
  • No invoices are sent to the account for these orders
  • Invoices contain standard order and invoice information, as well as a summary detail of the order placed—similar to manifest invoicing.









Step 5

Fill out the Site Setup Form, the form can be found in the Forms & Marketing Material's page. Please note that we need to have pricing at each SKU level in the Setup form. Once the form is filled out and returned to us (, we will begin to build the site. 

Step 6

Site Launch - The new site will typically launch in 2-4 weeks. We will review the site with you before the launch to make sure everything is correct. Once everything is reviewed and approved, we will go live with the new SuiteStyles site.

Have any questions related to the site build process? Please contact Andy Mattila (